What do you think about this new t-shirt design i just finished?

I think that in B&W and Yellow ... it looks nice!


Something different

Today I decided to do something different. Something related to the history of my country.
I did the designs of this t-shirts with two great discoverers from Portugal ... Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama.
Would you be able to use one of these?


NiteVisions on a Electric City

This is the design I did about NiteVisions: the Electro duo Andy and James Taylor, the sons of Duran Duran members Andy and Roger Taylor. You can listen a sample of "Fire" here


::. my Music

One year ago I did this "music" and Luis Pereira (a good friend of mine) decided to make a video for it.
So, because this is a visual blog, i really would like to show the wonderful work he did ... giving the missing images to the music. Hope you like it.
btw, you can see other videos from Luis at http://www.youtube.com/borninoktober

(video) MOVE - nuno_45

I am not a musician but time to time i create "something".
Fusion is my latest song and you can listen here ... maybe it could remind you some DD sound.

fusion by nuno45


Proximo is John

I was doing a dvd cover sleeve for my own and i got inspiration to make this John Taylor wallpaper. At the end the result almost reach what I had in mind.
Feel free to comment ... i appreciate.

Original photos by Ceri.


Dom to Blue - Blue to Brown - Brown to Dom - The poster

Dom Brown is an amazing guitarist and he is working with Duran Duran for a long time ago.
Next Wednesday (14th October) he will be performing a mixed set of Blue To Brown and his own songs at The Bedford .... so, i decided to make a poster for that ocasion ... here is the result:

Hope he can use it ;)


who's this?

DURAN DURAN in 1 face
the ideia was to create an image using some elements from the fab5(-1).
See if you can find all in the picture ...
let's start with the hair > John and Roger



New intro image for my duran duran site at www.duran.com.sapo.pt
this is, from my point of view, the way that the original picture should be.

Previous intro, that I had since June at the same site, was a collection of posters I did for some contest.



In this last days i was thinking in all of the designs I did over this years and ask to me self if i really found what I was looking for. From one point of view, I realised one of my dreams, and I am really honored to design the official poster for the concert that DURAN DURAN did in Lisbon in 2005 and also the official poster of the latest show (May'09) of JOHN WATTS (Fischer-Z) in Portugal. From other hand it's sad not to have the oportunity to follow my dream carrear with my "designs".

I would like to recomend you to visit the sites i did:
. duran duran nuno's homepage http://duran.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran in Portugal 81-82 http://duranportugal.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran photoreport Lisbon 2005 http://duran2005.com.sapo.pt/
. reportage DD Lisbon 2008 http://duran2008.com.sapo.pt/

. cover sleeve gallery http://nunonline.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran cover studio http://nunonline.googlepages.com/

. myspace http://www.myspace.com/nuno45
. hi5 / facebook / twitter easy to find ;)

btw my email is nuno_45@hotmail.com

thanks for all your support.


Pet Shop Boys Portugal Poster

This is the poster you will not see on the streets.
The 2 concerts for Portugal was canceled due to "contractual incompatibilities" (???)
Anyway, this the fiction poster i did ... and hope you like it.


Spandau Ballet Portugal 2009

This is the poster I did for the Lisbon concert of Spandau Ballet ... it's a fiction poster but it could be real ;)
What's your opinion about it?


Depeche Mode Lisboa Poster (unofficial)

14 Nov 2008 will be day that DEPECHE MODE will do a concert at Lisbon, Portugal.
I had this ideia to make a poster using the latest photo from the band and the cover of the latest album and the result was this 3 posters for the gig.
btw the portuguese tour promotor couldn't use this because they have to obeys to specific and effective norms for all tour, ther so call, tour of the universe ... that's O.K. but i had to show my point of view ;)


L.A. Cover

After a long period without making any cover sleeve here is my new "designs".
At DD forum someone post the bootleg for "The Pearl in the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - July 10, 2009" and today in the same forum I found wonderful pictures from the show to work on ... and the result is what you see :)


No, thank you!

The other day i sent to Crewe Issue this design ideia for a t-shirt and the answer was ...
"ok thanks . its not really what we are looking for at the moment."

and what do you think?



More 2 poster ideias for the Andy Taylor concert July 11th 2009 - Debut Show "Rock Nights" @Club Somni IBIZA


Fillmore: The poster you never saw

this was a studdie for "that" contest .... the one from duranduranmusic.com
I never finished this because it was so colorful ... but today when I saw it again i felt that I should show you. So here it is the poster from the show that Duran Duran gives today.


World premiere of Andy Taylor new album "The Underdog has landed"

Andy Taylor will present his new album "The Underdog has landed" at Club Somni (Ibiza) next 11 of July. This is a poster ideia for the event.


did not win

Thank you all who have voted for my poster at www.duranduranmusic.com. You all have been wonderful.

After all, this is just a point of view:
- Cristiano Ronaldo don't earn too much
- Picasso's painting are not so expensive
- My poster wasn't the best


My Lovebox Ticket

This is the poster I submited to the DD Poster contest at http://www.duranduramusic.com/-
I end up doing 13 posters and I could only enter with one.

Why did I choose this one?
Well, i think this poster captures the viewer's attention immediately - at a single glance. This is something that could catch your eye from across the room ... then you go up to it to examine it more closely (even touch it).

I love the sense of space and the openness of it ...
[Less is more]

This poster was selected for the top15 for Lovebox.

Please vote for my poster at www.duranduranmusic.com till sunday, June 15th.