New intro image for my duran duran site at www.duran.com.sapo.pt
this is, from my point of view, the way that the original picture should be.

Previous intro, that I had since June at the same site, was a collection of posters I did for some contest.



In this last days i was thinking in all of the designs I did over this years and ask to me self if i really found what I was looking for. From one point of view, I realised one of my dreams, and I am really honored to design the official poster for the concert that DURAN DURAN did in Lisbon in 2005 and also the official poster of the latest show (May'09) of JOHN WATTS (Fischer-Z) in Portugal. From other hand it's sad not to have the oportunity to follow my dream carrear with my "designs".

I would like to recomend you to visit the sites i did:
. duran duran nuno's homepage http://duran.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran in Portugal 81-82 http://duranportugal.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran photoreport Lisbon 2005 http://duran2005.com.sapo.pt/
. reportage DD Lisbon 2008 http://duran2008.com.sapo.pt/

. cover sleeve gallery http://nunonline.com.sapo.pt/
. duran duran cover studio http://nunonline.googlepages.com/

. myspace http://www.myspace.com/nuno45
. hi5 / facebook / twitter easy to find ;)

btw my email is nuno_45@hotmail.com

thanks for all your support.