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DURAN DURAN wallpaper {29-10-2012}

:. new DURAN duran Design


{PERFECTION} 2 new design ideas for a t-shirt

[lonely child '12]

New design t-shirt ideia [lonely child '12]


DD Wallpaper dated 16 Oct 2012

my latest Duran Duran design ... inspiring

Defrag t-shirt

Just finished a new design for a t-shirt and needed a model to use it. Look who I've found ;) ... montage!

In The Pleasure Groove [new design]

New design for "In The Pleasure Groove"


LIKE [15 October 2012]

When you less expect you receive one of the best news in the world - and in fact that's how we should  live our lives -

For ages that I would love to have a feedback from my favourite band and today .... the day has come.




Last1 4total

Here is the last design for the "2 hours special" @ Total Radio.

2 hours special

7 List

Design using some photos from the 1st album era and the set list of the show ... with updated DD logo.

DD on the radio

New design for Total Radio UK!

the chauffeur 4 total radio

On The Radio {again}

Last saturday there was another 2 hours special of Duran Duran at Total Radio UK: http://www.facebook.com/totalradio. I made a few designs for the event:
Here are the 1st 4!