What they think ...

"Cool project!As you might be aware, dear Nuno, your fresh look on style and design has been (and still is) a TigerBeat favourite for many years.Your handwriting and mark are special. Hopefully many others outside the duran duran web world will see this too and ask you to design some work for them also. It can happen you know! Good luck with your new website. (and keep us posted )Love,Mark and Madeleine. " www.tigerbeat.nl

John Taylor Online


Slim K Cover

In March 2008, I have been asked by Slim K to make the cover of his 1st single "Burn The Disco".Here is the result:


Bass 02-2007


Andy Ago'06

Andy Taylor 2

Electric City in a Duran Duran way

Nick in DD

I made this logo in May'06

dd wallpaper 160407

Perfect image for the cover of RCM



Best drummer in the world

Drummin' Duran Wallpaper

Do you like it?

my dream ...

is/was to make something for dd.com

Roger Taylor - Drummin' Duran

In the summer of 2005 I was asked to make the front image and some designs for the site www ddrogertaylor com

Reportage in the studio'06

dated 10.07.06


John Taylor Wallpaper 20.03.06

Voices another sound

Roger Taylor Wallpaper Ago'06

Nick on the wall

dated 07.06

Thanks Andy Taylor

Red Carpet Massacre Wallpaper 6

Red Carpet Massacre Wallpaper 5

Red Carpet Massacre Wallpaper 4

She's hot - RCM Wallpaper 3

Red Carpet Massacre Wallpaper 2

Red Carpet Massacre Wallpaper 1

Juicy Couture didn't want it

In the beggining of 2007 I sent this design that they could use in a t-shirt ... but they didn't said a word.

More than a painting

a suggestion ... never used.

Why Nuno45?

just because ...

Just a joke