Pet Shop Boys Portugal Poster

This is the poster you will not see on the streets.
The 2 concerts for Portugal was canceled due to "contractual incompatibilities" (???)
Anyway, this the fiction poster i did ... and hope you like it.


Spandau Ballet Portugal 2009

This is the poster I did for the Lisbon concert of Spandau Ballet ... it's a fiction poster but it could be real ;)
What's your opinion about it?


Depeche Mode Lisboa Poster (unofficial)

14 Nov 2008 will be day that DEPECHE MODE will do a concert at Lisbon, Portugal.
I had this ideia to make a poster using the latest photo from the band and the cover of the latest album and the result was this 3 posters for the gig.
btw the portuguese tour promotor couldn't use this because they have to obeys to specific and effective norms for all tour, ther so call, tour of the universe ... that's O.K. but i had to show my point of view ;)


L.A. Cover

After a long period without making any cover sleeve here is my new "designs".
At DD forum someone post the bootleg for "The Pearl in the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV - July 10, 2009" and today in the same forum I found wonderful pictures from the show to work on ... and the result is what you see :)