did not win

Thank you all who have voted for my poster at www.duranduranmusic.com. You all have been wonderful.

After all, this is just a point of view:
- Cristiano Ronaldo don't earn too much
- Picasso's painting are not so expensive
- My poster wasn't the best


My Lovebox Ticket

This is the poster I submited to the DD Poster contest at http://www.duranduramusic.com/-
I end up doing 13 posters and I could only enter with one.

Why did I choose this one?
Well, i think this poster captures the viewer's attention immediately - at a single glance. This is something that could catch your eye from across the room ... then you go up to it to examine it more closely (even touch it).

I love the sense of space and the openness of it ...
[Less is more]

This poster was selected for the top15 for Lovebox.

Please vote for my poster at www.duranduranmusic.com till sunday, June 15th.



3th attempt for LOVEBOX

this one you already saw it a few days ago ... in split images :)
some of those designs was original done for t-shirt(ideias) and because i was so happy with the final result i wanted to use it in this poster.
I also used the 4 symbols of LOVEBOX for each DD member.

2nd attempt for LOVEBOX

this was the 2nd I did regarding the "concert poster contest" and ... i like it ;)


1st attempt for LOVEBOX

This was the 1st poster design i did for the LOVEBOX concert.

The Fillmore :: The poster

This one is my favourite of all 5 i did. The heart symbol is very strong in here (this heart will remain as a DD classic logo) and the up to date photo of the band make this more modern.
At the end i didn't enter to the Fillmore poster contest ... but if i could, this should be my choice.


4 Posters 4 Fillmore 4 ddm

Those are the 4 posters i did for The Fillmore concert (ddm poster contest). For some of you, this is nothing new but i really would love to share it. This 1st one is my favourite of this set ... but beleive me, RCM era is finished and this are very connected with that time.

i did one more poster for this show ;)


the posters 4 ddm

During this week i will show you the posters i did for the ddm contest. I end up with 14 posters and could only enter with 1 :(
here are a smal preview ...