Skin Divers

this should have been the cd-single from "Red Carpet Massacre" ... but for some clever ideias ... it wasn't. Here is my suggestion for the cover sleeve of the single.

Nite-Runner wasn't a single

but i did a cover sleeve for it (... just an ideia ...)

is this what you had in mind ... Charlie?

latest from the set

The poster i did for John Watts show was a big surprise for everyone ... even for me was a surprise to see this magnificent poster at the entrance of the show and also at the front of the theatre.
Thanks all for this opportunity.

a picture to remember
p.s. you can "follow" John Watts work @ www.johnwatts.co.uk


nDDr: after one week ...

you still can find the posters on the streets.

poster in Cruz Quebrada ... a few minutes ago
Thanks Miguel for the info and photo.