Re: Flex t-shirt

I was listening to "The Reflex" from Duran Duran and came out with this t-shirt ideia.

You've gone too far this time
And I'm dancing on the valantine
I tell you somebody's fooling around
With my chances on the danger line
I'll cross that bridge when I find it
Another day
To make my stand
High time is no time for deciding

If I should find a helping hand ..."



Alphaville - Live in Lisbon - Official Poster

This is the official poster that I did for the next Alphaville concert in Lisbon.

More info you can find at the official facebook site for the concert and the tickets are availabe here

See also at Queridos anos 80; Viva80's; BLITZ; I Love 80's and Cabeça de Cartaz

Mark Tinley > the sound magician

Mark Tinley (sound enginner & programmer) worked with Duran Duran in several records and in 2006 he answered a few questions for my DD site (you can see it here > http://duran.com.sapo.pt/tinley0506.htm
Last year I did this image for him.


kajagoogoo - new decade

2010 just arrived, and the best way to start blogging is with some Duran Duran related (since there aren't any news about them). As you remember, the 1st album from Kajagoogoo was produced by Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) and Colin Thurston and last year Kajagoogoo decided to reunit and make another record. Those were my sugestions for the cover sleeve.