D-A-D + FM Live in Lisbon 01 July 2011

My latest work was the complete artwork for the concert of D-A-D and FM in Lisbon. They will be here on 1st of July for a fantastic show (i believe). As the design work is already done, during this days till the concert you can find some ads in magazines and also on Lisbon streets.
This one is the A4 page advertisement in the May issue of Ticketline Magazine. Hope you like it.


What's up?

Just realized that I didn't posted here for about a month and there were so many big things going on.
The most important was my design entry in the All You Need is Art contest.

It was a magic moment because I could, from my point of view, capture on the design the feel of All You Need Is Now - Duranies - Duran Duran.
Last friday, I got an email saying that I have been voted a top 10 finalist in the Duran Duran All You Need Is Art contest. Thank you so much for everyone who voted. Now, my artwork will be passed along to the band, who will select one grand prize winner. Let's hope they choose my design.

Talking about John, it was funny to see a wallpaper design as a picture for a Duran Duran/John Taylor News/interview. It was at Y98 Radio and you can see it here
Still in Duran Duran World, I had the previlege to be interviewed to "DDTTRH: Duran Duran to the Rock Hall". It was a special New Years Interview. You can read it here

Apart from Duran Duran I did all the artwork for the next shows at Lisbon and Oporto of "God Save The Queen" and I am also working on the next show of D-A-D and FM at Lisbon.

All of this I hope to show you with more details on my next posts.
Thanks x


All You Need Is This T-Shirt

Since DURAN DURAN are adding European Tour Dates this is my design ideia for a t-shirt for the Lisbon gig (if it happens ).
I used typical elements of Lisbon city ...

What's your opinion?


New DDesign

My latest Duran Duran design.

In January 19 I saw this comment at John Taylor Oficial Facebook that make me feel so proud.



John Taylor profile image

This is a design I did using the original profile image of John Taylor twitter.

and in January 8 I had this big surprise when I saw that John Taylor wrote on his page "Love this.."
thanks John!