Coruche Poster Contest

In the begining of April I entered for a poster contest (Concurso do cartaz das Festas em Honra de Nossa Senhora do Castelo 2010 - http://www.festasdecoruche.com/).
There were certain rules, like using some elements related to the event, that in my opinion are showed in the poster. I even play with the colours (on the Coruche monuments) to match the colours of the portuguese flag. Anyway, at the end they said that they were happy to receive so many posters but ... none was chosen because all posters didn't fulfil all the requirements (I really can't see where I missed those requirements!)

So, can I have your opinion about my poster?


Past Alpha

Alphaville concert was one month ago and there are a few things that I didn't show you yet.
Those are scans of national magazines that have my Alphaville design on it ;)

tv mais - nº 897 - 26.03 - 01.04.10

tv7 dias - nº 1201 - 24 - 30.03.10

Ticketline - 12.03.10

Nova Gente - nº 1749 - 22 - 28.03.10