Great White + Brian Spence - ticketline magazine

This is the last ad I did for the Great White + Brian Spence show. It's at November issue of Ticktetline Magazine.



The promotors ask me to make a "3x1" outdoor with 4x3m for the concerts of "A Flock Of Seagulls", "Great White + Brian Spence" and "Rumours of Fleetwood Mac".
So, I end up with this design that match completely the 3 events. They come to the streets in the end of September.

Here are the photos of some outdoors in Lisbon.

Mupi's - Live in Lisbon - October/November 2010

Since October that you can find this "mupis" all over Lisbon.

Great White + Brian Spence - Live in Lisbon (web)

Designs i did for several websites:



Great White + Brian Spence (Oficial Flyer - nr.2)

Have you got one of this?
Those are the 2nd flyers I did for the concert of Great White & Brian Spence.

Click to enlarge


Great White + Brian Spence - Campo Pequeno - Lisboa 2010

The next big event of Remember Minds it's the concert of GREAT WHITE + BRIAN SPENCE next saturday (6 Nov) at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon. I did all the artwork of the show and since October that you can see at the entrance of Campo Pequeno the poster with my design(8,50x2,90m). Here are some photos and a video.


Blitz November 2010

BLITZ magazine of November (nr. 53) have, once again, a full page with my promo design for the next concerts of "Great White + Brian Spence" and "Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac".
This is the 3nd time in this year that my design appear at BLITZ Magazine:

[the design]

[pag. 105 of BLITZ November 2010]

[cover BLITZ November 2010]