::. my Music

One year ago I did this "music" and Luis Pereira (a good friend of mine) decided to make a video for it.
So, because this is a visual blog, i really would like to show the wonderful work he did ... giving the missing images to the music. Hope you like it.
btw, you can see other videos from Luis at http://www.youtube.com/borninoktober

(video) MOVE - nuno_45

I am not a musician but time to time i create "something".
Fusion is my latest song and you can listen here ... maybe it could remind you some DD sound.

fusion by nuno45


Proximo is John

I was doing a dvd cover sleeve for my own and i got inspiration to make this John Taylor wallpaper. At the end the result almost reach what I had in mind.
Feel free to comment ... i appreciate.

Original photos by Ceri.


Dom to Blue - Blue to Brown - Brown to Dom - The poster

Dom Brown is an amazing guitarist and he is working with Duran Duran for a long time ago.
Next Wednesday (14th October) he will be performing a mixed set of Blue To Brown and his own songs at The Bedford .... so, i decided to make a poster for that ocasion ... here is the result:

Hope he can use it ;)


who's this?

DURAN DURAN in 1 face
the ideia was to create an image using some elements from the fab5(-1).
See if you can find all in the picture ...
let's start with the hair > John and Roger