The Fillmore :: The poster

This one is my favourite of all 5 i did. The heart symbol is very strong in here (this heart will remain as a DD classic logo) and the up to date photo of the band make this more modern.
At the end i didn't enter to the Fillmore poster contest ... but if i could, this should be my choice.

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  1. Groovy! I hope you made the top 10 in fact i am sure you will and i will definitely vote for you! i will keep my eye out for them on DDM; i just got the email this morning that they should be posting them any day now ...

  2. thanks ... i also hope so.
    maybe this time i will finaly have some luck.
    need your help at ddm ;)

  3. Good luck Nuno!

    I did not enter the contest. Thought it was not fair to the others (was not a member) and also I am to sick to travel anyways.

    Do you know where we can vote for our favourite? (yes you sure will receive our votes). Or do they (duran) do this now all themselves (am not surprised if they indeed will ...)

  4. Thanks Madeleine.
    Sad to know that you couldn't enter the contest. Hope you stau well soon.

    According to www.duranduranmusic.com they will have the ‘Top 10’ posted this weekend and members are asked to vote at that time.

  5. Thanks Cindy. I also think this one is the best of Fillmore.
    Starting showing the poster for Lovebox in this couple of days ... enjoy the ride ;)